5 Simple & Easy Tricks to Clean Up Your Water Tank

Water purification for drinking, cooking and washing is mostly the main concern of people. We always need clean water for our daily use but have you ever noticed your water tank? Is it clean and rust free? If you didn’t notice your water storage tank yet than go and have a look. If clean water is stored in dirty, stinky or rusty tank than it could absorb harmful bacteria in it which can cause different diseases in humans. Water storage tank must be cleaned twice in a year and if you are living in a place where fungus could easily attack wet places than you should be careful about your stuff including water tank because once the water gets contaminated it could be very dangerous and becomes the source of various diseased like diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis etc. So, just go and have a look at your tank and if you find it dirty, you just have to follow simple steps for tank cleaning or you can just give us a call and hire us to do this for your residential and business places.

The fundamental tricks for cleaning water tank are: .

  • Open the spout or tap of the tank and drain all the water from it.
  • Use the bucket to scoop the remaining water and sludge pump to remove the sludge from the bottom of the tank.
  • Take hot water in the bucket; add a power washer and some baking soda in hot water. Mix it well. Use a sponge to rub and clean the walls, ceiling and surface of tank.
  • Wear rubber gloves before staring and use brush to swab the corners of the tank. Remove all the rust and dirt with the help of the brush and sponge.
  • Rinse from top to bottom again and again to drain all the washing mixture and sponge all the water with the help of the cloth or vacuum.

(Try to do this in Sunlight and leave the tank under Sunlight after drying it so that all the remaining wetness and stink could get lost).

Cleaning may not seem difficult but it is one of the toughest and tricky jobs ever. For your assistance Agha Window Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning services which include commercial and residential window cleaning, huge commercial water tanks, residential water storage tanks and underground water tank cleaning. However huge or big storage tanks and structures cannot be cleaned daily but when cleaned, it should be done thoroughly.

Huge water tank cleaning is not an easy task. It needs some preparations and precautions as it could be suffocated and it’s hard to breathe inside tank. Most people are afraid of getting down into the tank but if you take precautions such as using a mask, wear gloves and take a torch with you while stepping down into the tank. Make sure that you have access to aid if an emergency happens while cleaning. Cleaning tank takes around 4-5 hours and needs hard work, so it’s a friendly advice to choose a cleaning company for your window and water tank wiping job.

Advanced tools and equipment for cleaning is necessary for big cleaning projects. Agha window cleaning services has the best and experienced team for your cleaning tasks. We are number one cleaning company in Dubai and is known as a brand of cleaning services. You can book an appointment for your cleaning purposes; we serve all over the Dubai and have a classic experience of window and water tank cleaning since years.