Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning Dubai

Industry Leading Eco Friendly Window Cleaning Company

Environmental pollution can have severe damaging impact on windows in your homes and offices. Hence, it’s important that you clean them on regular basis so that they remain shiny and bright. These days many chemical cleaners are available in the market that promise to give your window glasses perfect, streak free shine. But, the chemicals within these cleaners aren’t good for people or pets, and they end up polluting our water, too. Therefore, if you are concerned about your environment and personal well being then you should hire window cleaning services that adopt eco-friendly cleaning procedures.


At Agha we offer specialized eco friendly window cleaning service for villas, homes, hotels and commercial properties in Dubai. We use proven eco friendly window cleaning techniques to remove grime and dust, and let the sunlight stream in gloriously to brighten your home or business establishment.

Our expert team of trained window cleaners has many years of experience in cleaning glass. We use only specialist tools to achieve the perfect shine and professional systems to guarantee windows that sparkle

Our mission is to Provide a reliable, efficient and professional service to all our clients whether it be residential or commercial, our job won’t be complete until your world is brighter!

We use the renowned “Water-Fed” pole system and we have various lengths of pole at our disposal that can reach up to 5 floors in height. This method is widely used across Europe and US because of the high safety element associated with it. Our guys won’t be using any height equipment i.e. scaffolding etc. We use Purified water to clean the glass so thereby also avoiding use of chemicals so the glasses will stay clean for longer.Hence, our clients always receive only the safest methods available for all their cleaning needs. And, they feel good that we have brought a positive impact on their immediate environment as well as that outside their immediate purview.

From commercial building windows to residential building windows, we’ll guarantee a better clean while being green!

Below are some of the benefits of our System

It’s Safer

High reach poles deliver chemically pure water to heights up to 60 feet. This almost entirely eliminates the use of the ladder – we only use ladders to gain access to some properties. This simple step allows our operatives to remain on the ground during cleaning: a much safer method and which enables us to meet the latest Health and Safety Executive proposals for working at height. By using us to clean your windows, you can be sure that you’re employing a full insured company that use the latest safest window cleaning system available.

It’s Cleaner

Pure water consists of just two elements, Hydrogen, and Oxygen – hence the chemical name H20. Typically clean water contains many elements; Aluminium, Chloride, Copper, Fluoride, Foaming Agents, Iron, Manganese, Silver, Sulphates, and zinc – and that’s just drinking water! The quality of our water is the same as used in laboratory processes and we regularly test our water using a

‘Total Dissolved Solids’ (TDS) meter to ensure its purity, giving a spotless, streak-free finish!

For Longer

All those extra chemicals decrease the water’s ability to clean and leave residues, smears, calcium deposits and other unwanted impurities dried onto your window. Residues are also left by chemicals traditionally used to clean. Detergents leave a sticky film, increasing dirt build up and making cleaning harder. Due to the sterile state the windows are left in after pure water cleaning, future contamination and build-up of dirt is a much slower process.

If the height is a challenge and your building has a cradle, our professional staff are well trained and certified to work on Cradles

We can also arrange boom lifts or scissor lifts if required.