Rope Access

Rope Access Company in Dubai

Window cleaning by abseiling or otherwise known as rope access is a highly complex process that can only be carried out by window cleaners that are not only fully qualified and insured but also have a head for heights. Highly trained and assessed IRATA personnel not only establish the access system but then also carry out the works.

Rope access techniques were developed from climbing and caving. With the ability to descend, ascend, and change from one rope to another, we are able to clean windows that would have otherwise have been left dirty


Minimising Risks

We always carry out a detailed site visit where we will assess anchor points, identify potential hazards and make any suggestions to ensure we both comply with the HSE recommendations. We only use rope access window cleaning when we consider that it is intrinsically safe to do so. If it is possible to clean the windows from inside the building or from a mobile elevated platform that is generally the preferred method.

Necessary Skills

Watching a team of rope access window cleaners can be quite awe inspiring. Certainly it isn’t a job for anyone with a fear of heights. Window cleaning using rope access requires an exceptionally high degree of skill. At the very minimum, all our rope access window cleaners will have demonstrated total competence in the following basic activities.

  • The proper inspection of equipment before it is used
  • A thorough understanding of the risks involved in the procedure
  • Performing a controlled descent
  • Using a back-up system
  • Changing between ropes
  • Safe rigging, knots and rope management
  • Assessing and selecting safe anchorages
  • Third party safety
  • The ability to implement an elementary rescue of co-workers

Whatever your rope access window cleaning requirements, you can be assured that our skilled rope access teams can access your high rise windows safely. Every operative is through trained by IRATA and all of the specialist equipment we use is thoroughly inspected and maintained. With rope access we will create the minimum disruption to your work place while ensuring that we do not in any way endanger your employees or the general public. Despite the impressive acrobatics of rope access window cleaning techniques, it is the safest and most cost efficient method of cleaning those hard to reach windows.

There is no excuse for not ensuring those glass panes are kept clean from city grime, so call our rope access specialists today on 043410464.