Solar Panel Cleaning

Why clean solar panels?

When solar panels are fitted, there is an expectation that enough electricity will be generated over time to offset purchase and installation costs. Keeping solar panels clean is a great benefit for the owner, ensuring maximum solar yield and reducing the time it takes to offset costs. This also presents a business opportunity for the Pure Water window cleaner, who can offer solar panel cleaning as an additional service!


Why do solar panels need regular cleaning?

  • Solar panel systems are not self-cleaning.
  • Rain deposits dirt, dust and soot particles on solar panels and while the next rainfall washes part of the dirt off, it also adds new dirt particles to the panel.
  • When a solar panels get soiled this results in a reduction of solar yield
  • Soiled systems switch on with a delay
  • When cleaned regularly, the solar yield from solar panel systems can be increased by up to 30%!

Why Pure Water?

Ultra Pure water does not contain any chemical which will not continually damage solar panels. It is also just as effective as using a cleaning agent while costing less. By using Ultra Pure water you’re extending the life of the solar panels.

Research and data on solar panels show that the efficiency of panels not cleaned regularly can rapidly drop. Cleaning has been shown to drastically increase solar output.

Cleaning and Maintenance of solar and photovoltaic panels

Current cleaning methods and associated risks

Rain, considered as a means of cleaning, but in fact with low efficiency. It may actually be harming your solar panels by being aggressive as a result of pollution

If not carefully chosen, chemical products may be aggressive to the panel materials, reducing transparency.

Chemical waste products may not be dispersed into the soil or drainage system and must be in compliance with local environmental regulations. Manual cleaning represents a risk for operatives who often work at a height of 12-20 feet from the ground, with a risk of falling.