Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

Industry experts advise that storage tanks must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to remove any trace of contamination, such as dirt, bacteria, mold, and animal excretions, prior to continuous use. This is especially true and imperative for tanks that hold drinking water because compromising the quality of potable water has a more serious and direct effect on the physical well-being of individuals.

Agha Services is certified by the Dubai municipality to conduct the cleaning process for all types of industrial and domestic water tanks that are used for drinking water. As a result of cleaning and disinfecting the water storage tanks you can be assured of high quality water feeding your system thus ensuring the safety for all. Chlorination disinfection of the tank down services can also be carried out at the same time as the water tank clean to ensure complete confidence in the water services.


Dubai Municipality Local order no 11, for the year 2013 states below

“Obliges landlords, tenants and whoever occupies a structure to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of water tanks and all pipe networks that distribute water throughout the structure”

And every violator to the above rule can be made legally accountable for the public health and community safe so it’s the responsibility of each and every building owner or real estate companies to make sure that the drinking water is safe to use and proper maintenance and cleaning of water tanks are carried out